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Grand theft auto: vice city is a 2002 action-adventure game developed by rockstar north and published by rockstar games. It is the fourth fundamental passage in the excellent robbery auto series, following 2001's thousand burglary auto iii, and the 6th portion generally speaking. Set in 1986 inside the imaginary bad habit city (in view of miami and miami ocean side), the single-player story follows mobster tommy vercetti's ascent to control in the wake of being let out of jail and becoming up to speed in a trapped medication bargain. While searching out those dependable, he gradually assembles a criminal domain by holding onto power from other criminal associations in the city.

The game is played from a third-individual point of view and its reality is explored by walking or by vehicle. The open world plan allows the player unreservedly to wander bad habit city, comprising of two primary islands. The game's plot depends on numerous certifiable individuals and occasions in miami like cubans, haitians, and biker groups, the 1980s break pestilence, the mafioso drug masters of miami, and the predominance of glitz metal. The game was likewise affected by the movies and TV of the period, most quite scarface and miami bad habit. A large part of the improvement work comprised making the game world to fit the motivation and time-frame; the advancement group directed broad field research in miami while making the world. The game was delivered in october 2002 for the playstation 2, in may 2003 for microsoft windows, and in october 2003 for the xbox.

Upon discharge, bad habit city got basic approval, with acclaim especially coordinated at its music, interactivity, story, and open world plan. In any case, the game additionally created discussion over its portrayal of viciousness and racial gatherings, igniting claims and fights. Bad habit city turned into the top of the line computer game of 2002 and has sold over 17.5 million duplicates. Considered one of the main titles of the 6th era of computer games and one of the best computer games made, it won various year-end honors including round of the year grants from a few gaming distributions. Since its delivery, the game has gotten various ports to many gaming stages. An improved adaptation was delivered for portable stages in 2012 for the game's 10th commemoration, and a further upgraded variant was delivered in 2021. Its replacement, terrific burglary auto: san andreas, was delivered in october 2004, and a prequel, fantastic robbery auto: bad habit city stories, was delivered in october 2006.


In 1986,mobster tommy vercetti (voiced by beam liotta) is let out of jail subsequent to carrying out a fifteen-year punishment for homicide. His supervisor sonny forelli (tom sizemore), trying to lay out drug tasks in the south, sends tommy to bad habit city to direct a significant medication bargain close by slanted legal advisor ken rosenberg (william fichtner). Be that as it may, the arrangement is trapped by obscure attackers, with tommy and ken scarcely getting away from it. Infuriated after hearing the news, sonny orders tommy to recuperate the medications, close by the cash he provided for him, under danger of results. Looking for data, ken focuses tommy towards resigned armed force colonel juan garcia cortez (robert davi), who aided set up the trade. Communicating lament for the snare, cortez vows to figure out who planned it.

While examining, tommy meets with a few group who offer him help: music chief kent paul (danny dyer), who keeps up with associations with the city's criminal hidden world; spear vance (philip michael thomas), who supported the arrangement and lost his sibling in the trap; texan business investor avery carrington (burt reynolds), who consequently enrolls tommy's assistance with a few arrangements; and medication top dog ricardo diaz (luis guzmán), who utilizes both tommy and spear. In the long run, cortez starts voicing his doubts that diaz coordinated the trap. Upon additional examination, spear finds this to be reality and, against tommy's recommendation, attempts to kill diaz, just to get himself caught. After tommy saves spear, the pair end up compelled to kill diaz before he can fight back. With diaz dead, tommy assumes control over his resources and, at avery's idea, attempts to extend his new criminal domain by constraining organizations to pay him assurance cash and purchasing out almost bankrupt organizations to use as fronts for unlawful activities. Simultaneously, tommy gives help to a few unmistakable group pioneers in the expectations they will uphold his development, and assists cortez escape the city with taken military gear.

In the long run, sonny finds that tommy has overseen bad habit city's medication exchange without cutting the forellis in. Rankled at his freedom, sonny sends mobsters to gather cash from tommy's organizations powerfully. Accordingly, tommy kills sonny's men and cuts off his binds with him. Afterward, learning sonny is specifically coming to bad habit city to gather what he accepts he is owed, tommy gets ready to offer him recognition with fake cash. Notwithstanding, sonny uncovers that he was liable for tommy's capture fifteen years earlier, and that spear has deceived him and aligned himself with the forellis, having felt insufficient in tommy's presence since his ascent to drive. A shootout follows in tommy's manor, during which he forestalls the forellis from taking his cash and murders spear for his double-crossing, before at long last killing sonny in a strained stalemate. Whenever ken shows up to a scene of slaughter, tommy rapidly consoles him that all is currently well, as he has at last set up a good foundation for himself as the undisputed wrongdoing top dog of bad habit city.


  • OS :: WINDOWS XP, 7, 8, 10
  • CPU :: PENTIUM 3 @ 800 MHZ
  • RAM :: 128 MB
  • ORIGINAL SIZE :: 1.45 GB






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