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Grand theft auto iii is a 2001 action-adventure game developed by dma design and published by rockstar games. It is the third primary section in the fabulous burglary auto series, following 1999's thousand robbery auto 2, and the fifth portion by and large. Set inside the made up freedom city (approximately founded on new york city), the story follows claude, a quiet hero who, subsequent to being double-crossed and left for dead by his better half during a burglary, leaves on a journey for vengeance that drives him to become ensnared in a universe of wrongdoing, drugs, group fighting, and defilement. The game is played from a third-individual viewpoint and its reality is explored by walking or by vehicle. Its open world plan allows players uninhibitedly to wander freedom city, comprising of three primary regions.

Advancement was divided among dma configuration, situated in edinburgh, and rockstar, situated in new york city. A large part of the advancement included changing famous components from the excellent robbery auto series into a completely 3d world interestingly. The game was deferred following the september 11 assaults to permit the group to change references and ongoing interaction considered unseemly. It was delivered in october 2001 for the playstation 2, in may 2002 for microsoft windows, and in october 2003 for the xbox.

Fabulous burglary auto iii got basic approval, with specific applause coordinated at its idea and ongoing interaction. In any case, it additionally produced contention, with analysis coordinated at its portrayals of viciousness and sex. It turned into the top of the line computer game of 2001, and has sold over 14.5 million duplicates. Considered by numerous pundits as one of the main titles of the 6th era of computer games and a milestone game in the open world idea, it is frequently recorded among the best computer games. It won a long term end honors, including round of the year grants from a few gaming distributions. Since its delivery, it has gotten ports to a wide range of gaming stages. An improved adaptation of the game was delivered on portable stages in 2011 for the game's 10th commemoration, and a further upgraded form for the 20th commemoration was delivered in 2021. The game was trailed by amazing burglary auto: bad habit city in 2002, while two prequels, fantastic robbery auto advance and great burglary auto: freedom city stories, were delivered in 2004 and 2005, separately.


Modest criminal claude is double-crossed and shot by his better half catalina (voiced by cynthia farrell) during a bank heist outside freedom city. Claude is captured, however circumvents during his exchange to jail when individuals from the colombian cartel snare his vehicle to snatch another detainee. During his break, claude becomes a close acquaintence with explosives master and individual convict 8-ball (master), who covers claude and acquaints him with the leone mafia family for work. Claude helps the mafia with different activities, including winning a pack battle against a nearby gathering of groups of three, gaining him the appreciation of wear salvatore leone (candid vincent). In the wake of discovering that the cartel are making and selling another road drug called hit to finance their venture into freedom city, salvatore orders claude to annihilate their drifting medication lab. Claude achieves this with 8-ball's assistance.

Salvatore later educates claude to manage a minor issue, yet his, strikingly attractive spouse maria (debi mazar), who started to appreciate claude, uncovers it to be a set-up. Maria asserts that she deceived salvatore about engaging in extramarital relations with claude to make him desirous, and presently salvatore needs to kill him. Claude breaks to staunton island with maria and her companion asuka kasen (lianna pai). Subsequent to killing salvatore to cut attaches with the mafia, claude starts working for the yakuza, drove by asuka and her sibling kenji (les j.N. Mau). During this time, he additionally gives help to ruined police assessor beam machowski (robert loggia), whom he ultimately escapes the city, and persuasive finance manager donald love (kyle maclachlan). Donald recruits claude to kill kenji assuming some pretense of a cartel assault to begin a posse war that will permit donald to acquire building locales for his organizations. After the gig's prosperity, claude completes one more errand for donald that drives him to experience catalina, presently the head of the cartel, at a building site. Notwithstanding, catalina escapes subsequent to deceiving and shooting her accomplice, miguel (al espinosa).

Asuka faults the cartel for kenji's passing and holds onto the building site. The yakuza catch the injured miguel and torment him for data on cartel activities in the city, permitting claude to strike against them and prevent the cartel. Angered, catalina murders both asuka and miguel and captures maria, requesting $500,000 for her delivery. Claude meets with her to pay the payoff, yet catalina bamboozles him once more and traps him. Claude get away, salvages maria, and annihilates the helicopter catalina endeavors to escape in, killing her. As claude and maria leave the scene, the last option starts to whine about the capturing, yet is quieted by a gunfire.


  • OS :: WINDOWS XP, 7, 8, 10
  • CPU :: PENTIUM 3 @ 450 MHZ
  • RAM :: 96 MB
  • REPACK SIZE :: 1.53
  • ORIGINAL SIZE :: 2.5





ONLY 1.53

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